Our Story

Our founder, Koreen Mak, managed a corporate Learning & Development department for almost 10 years. No matter what training was delivered, how engaged or well-intentioned the learners, one problem came up again and again:

There was a disconnect between

knowing and doing.

Time and again, people left training sessions motivated, but within days, manuals would be left collecting dust and people would continue doing things the same old ways. People weren’t applying learned skills on the job.

This problem was frustrating because it cost the organization an incredible amount of time and money. And, most important, people were losing opportunities to develop their full potential.

Koreen felt there had to be a better way for people to learn and genuinely change their behaviours. She was determined to find a way to bring training to employees in a way that integrates it into their daily work lives, allowing them to effectively practice their new skills on the job.

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Our Name

Peppermint oil is known to refresh, energize, help with memory and increase focus. We decided to call our company Peppermint Technologies™ because we want to help refresh learning in organizations and energize people to continuosly grow. The way we’ve structured our micro-learning courses, learners will more easily retain knowledge and increase focus on applying their knowledge.




We help people become their best selves.


We develop technology that helps people reach their full potential.



We build genuine relationships with our clients, community, and each other.


We are committed to being responsive to the needs of our clients and community while creating conditions where people can do  their best work.


We freely innovate, create, learn, disrupt, and collaborate.


We approach every day with a desire to continuously improve our lives, our mindset, and our business.

Our Social Purpose

Helping people become their best selves extends beyond our business into our community. We believe in living our purpose and values, so we’ve set up our company as a social enterprise. We commit 5% of our annual revenue to support non-profit organizations that help people become their best selves. When you support us, we’re able to support our communities.

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